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FCB Live!

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FCB Live!
Real-time Soccer stats app.

📈 + ⚽ = FC Barcelona is the first app for iPad that allows fans to live a new experience anywhere in the world while they are playing football and basketball games. It allows to view in real time all the statistics of any FC Barcelona game.

FCB Live! for iPad, it goes further as it also allows access to all types of news, videos, classifications, templates, palmares or multimedia material, as well as the possibility of interaction of Barça matches in the user’s personal agenda.

💫Main features of FCB Live!:

· All the actions of the game geolocated in real time in the field

· Graphics of all the passes during the match of any player

· Live tracking and complete statistics of all matches

· Complete statistics of the first team and results of all their competitions

· Follow up of the official twitter of the Club and the players of all the sections

· News videos, published news, templates, classifications, calendars, palmares …

· Possibility of including Barça matches in the personal agenda

· Eight languages: Catalan, Spanish, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, German and Chinese.

📋 Tasks:

• Develop together with the different business teams a longer-term product strategy for mobile apps;
• Creating the product roadmap;
• Managing the Full lifecycle product management (from concept development to tactical execution);
• Monitoring on a daily basis KPI’s and understanding the product performance;
• Identifying and proposing product improvements based on solid data and market perspectives;
• Analyzing and prioritizing the product backlog;
• Work closely with internal stakeholders to understand and execute business needs, user needs (UX) and brand guidelines;
• Working in coordination with our development teams to execute, deliver and improve the product;
• Ensuring product objectives are fulfilled. Ie: deliverables meet requirements and business expectations;
• Managing project development;
• Defining project scope, goals and deliverables;
• Developing project plans and associated communications documents;
• Tracking project milestones and deliverables;
• Proactively manage changes in project scope, identifying potential crises and creating contingency plans;
• Driving the product development with a team of engineers and UXrs.
• Get to know the user’s pain points inside and out, using these insights to make better informed decisions