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Fortune Crash!

Fortune Crash!

🥠Fortune Crash!

Daily fortune cookies in your hand. Content marketing application for Chinese restaurant franchises.


– Allows users to discover daily fortune messages.

– Gamification.

– Offers free hook products to attract customers.

– Tracking customer behavior.


• Develop together with the different business teams a longer-term product strategy for mobile apps;
• Creating the product roadmap;
• Managing the Full lifecycle product management (from concept development to tactical execution);
• Monitoring on a daily basis KPI’s and understanding the product performance;
• Identifying and proposing product improvements based on solid data and market perspectives;
• Analyzing and prioritizing the product backlog;
• Work closely with internal stakeholders to understand and execute business needs, user needs (UX) and brand guidelines;
• Working in coordination with our development teams to execute, deliver and improve the product;
• Ensuring product objectives are fulfilled. Ie: deliverables meet requirements and business expectations;
• Managing project development;
• Defining project scope, goals and deliverables;
• Developing project plans and associated communications documents;
• Tracking project milestones and deliverables;
• Proactively manage changes in project scope, identifying potential crises and creating contingency plans;
• Driving the product development with a team of engineers and UXrs.
• Get to know the user’s pain points inside and out, using these insights to make better informed decisions